Êzidîs: “Turkey continues ISIS invasion of Shengal in Afrin"

The invading Turkish state and their allied gangs have looted Afrin thoroughly, and the Êzidîs of Afrin protest their inhuman attacks in the city, saying: “The Turkish state continues ISIS invasion of Shengal in Afrin.”

The Turkish state has looted and pillaged Afrin with all the means of war and many barbaric attacks, and are raping, harassing, abducting, robbing, torturing and killing the people who refuse the invasion. The Turkish state is also forcing people of other faiths to convert to Islam.

Turkish soldiers are forcing long dresses and headscarves on women in the city, and the Êzidîs are forced to pray like Muslims, as their places of worship were exploded. The Êzidîs of Afrin have been forced out of their lands by the Turkish state’s barbaric attacks, and are protesting the Turkish state and their allied gangs’ inhuman attacks.


Kîvara Hesen from Afrin’s Endarê village said the Turkish state and their allied gangs’ practices are the continuation of ISIS practices in Shengal and added: “The invaders in Afrin blew up our sacred sites. These attacks are a new firman (decree of genocide) against the Êzidî people. All Êzidîs should fight this wherever they are.”

Êzidî citizen Ebû Xelo said the Turkish state wants to erase the Êzidî faith completely: “They are forcing Êzidîs to convert to Islam to end our faith. They abduct and kill people.” Ebû Xelo protested the Turkish state’s attacks, genocide and inhuman fascist practices, and also called for awareness.

Qudret Betal stressed that the Êzidîs in Afrin are facing a humanitarian tragedy and protesting the international community’s silence in the face of attacks against Êzidîs, said the attacks and inhuman practices in Afrin by the Turkish state supported by Russia are against all of humanity in the person of the people of Afrin.