9 civilians tortured and kidnapped in Afrin

Occupation forces tortured and kidnapped 9 civilians, one of them a woman, in Afrin’s Mabata district. The fate of these people is unknown.

A local source speaking to ANHA reported that the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad and 112nd Battalion gangs kidnapped 9 civilians, one of them a woman, in the village of Damiliya in Mabata district of Afrin.

Names of those abducted are: Seydo Süleyman Hîcî (25), Newaf Welîd Elo (18), Avdar Rıfat Elo (18), Çeger Hisên Abdullah (35), Mihemed Elî Hîcî Umer (65), Ehmed Mehmûd Hemo Ebû Cebel (35), Elî (65), Fatime Fexrî Elî (49), Fexrî Qadir Elî (35).

Footage published by ANHA shows a civilian stripped naked, hands tied from behind and getting beaten with kicks and sticks.

Occupation forces in Afrin are abducting and torturing civilians and seizing their properties on daily basis. Thousands of residents of Afrin have been through the same fate since the launch of Turkey’s invasion attacks on January 20. The systematic war crimes committed by the Turkish state forces and allied mercenaries in Afrin include, among other things, murder, execution, torture, robbery, looting, harassment and rape.

On August 1, Rifet Murad from Kerke village of Mabata was kidnapped and taken to a prison in Turkey.

Again on August 1, Faylaq al-Sham gangs opened random fire on civilians in Jindires district, leaving a civilian seriously wounded.

On July 31, gang groups raided the home of Mehmud Osiko in Afrin cty centre. The man was tortured, injured with a knife and had his properties seized by the gangs.