110 young people abducted in Afrin

The invading forces abducted 110 young people in Afrin’s Mabata district recently, and attacked the women who protested the mass kidnapping.

The Turkish state and allied jihadist mercenaries continue their inhumane practices in Afrin Canton of Northern Syria.

Quoting sources from Mabata district, Rojava-based Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported that 110 young people were abducted following house raids by the invaders. The abducted youths were also tortured.

Local sources report that women in the district staged a demonstration in front of the invaders’ centre and demanded the release of the kidnapped youth. The gangs therewith opened fire on the crowd and wounded a woman.

The gangs asked for 50 thousand Syrian Lira for each one of the youths they have kidnapped. While some have been released in return for ransom, others are being held in prison.

Local sources reported ongoing abduction of local people in Mirkan and Kaxira villages of Mabata.

Names of the 38 out of 110 abducted youths are as follows;

Selahdîn Mihemed, Kamîran Eskotko, Misefa Reşîd Qilindir, Hisên Îşano, Hisên Hesen Bekir, Elî Mustefa Elûş, Hisên Birîm Bekir, Şêrgil Adlo, Mihemed Elî Şêxo, Abdîn Şêxo, Welat Şêxo, Dilo Qilindir, Abdîn Umer Qile, Elî Henan Hemzîno, Hêcan Hebeş, Ebdo Muxtar, Pêşwar Mihemed Elî, Xelîl Mihemed Elî, Cîhad Yûsif Fetûma, Hisên Hisên Mişko, Ferhad Hemaço, Gîvara Zekî Ehmed, Elûto Elûto, Reşîd Mûrad Qasim, Mûrad Reşîd Qasim, Mûrad Mûrad, Nedîm Arif, Kazim Arif, Cuma Qasê, Mihemd Qasê, Mihemd Qilindir, Elî Nûrî Mihemed (Ebû Nûrî), Hemîd Mihemed Elî, Xelîl Birîm Bekir, Remzî Şabo, Kamîran Şabo, Selah Şabo and Zihêr Şabo.