YPJ fighter from Turkey: Rojava was an inspiration to us all

YPJ fighter Serhildan Serhildan from Usak city of Turkey said the Rojava Revolution has inspired everybody: “We turned to Rojava with different cultures and languages.”

The revolutionary winds have blown in Rojava since 2011. The Rojava Revolution continues to grow, and has come to include eastern and western Syria and taken on the responsibility of the freedom of Kurdish people, women and other Middle Eastern peoples in the area.

Women from around the world upheld the revolution and marched in the ranks of the YPJ. Serhildan, originally from Usak, Turkey, is one of these YPJ women. After she got out of prison, she turned to join the Rojava Revolution.


Serhildan said the following on the prison and revolution process:

“At the time I was in prison. We heard of the Rojava Revolution on the radio. It was a different feeling for me. Others were expecting this, but for me it was different. In the end, many Turkish leftist organizations tried to make revolutions, but they were suppressed countless times. As such, the Rojava Revolution was exciting for me.

When I got out of prison, I saw the children and elderly who were killed, the images of war, and I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t contain myself, in the humanitarian and conscientious sense, I had to join the revolution. So I did. There were comrades I was influenced by, and there were martyred comrades.


ISIS was organized as a result of the efforts by the regime on one hand and the Turkish state on the other. Turks were specially trained to carry out a genocide on these lands in Rojava, Shengal, Maxmur and Kirkuk through the hands of ISIS. We know that ISIS is the illegal arm of the Turkish army. Looking from here the Rojava Revolution was complex. Because it was not a direct fight against the state. It was a war against gangs. But the important thing here is the spirit of the revolution. The people upheld the revolution and around the world people supported it, which made it distinct. People didn’t dismiss it as ‘just a revolution for Kurdistan’. So the Rojava Revolution has sentimental value.”


Serhildan stressed that the Rojava Revolution served as an inspiration for other peoples and women and added that she herself joined upon being inspired by the revolution.

She said: “It is very different to live the revolution than to look at it from the outside.” The YPJ fighter continued:

“Every inch of the Rojava lands was watered with the blood of our comrades and the people. People can live and feel this revolution. Because here despite language and culture differences among us, as Arabs, French people, Soranis, Turkmens, Kurds or like myself Turks, despite coming from various backgrounds, we can do things together here, which is a great feeling. What keeps us together is the Rojava spirit. We all gathered here in comradery, the revolutionary spirit and a paradigm. One person could have a different idea, but when there’s two people it gets more pronounced. Any group of diverse colors will lend its colors to this revolution.


There has been a great price paid. Through ISIS the Turkish state carried out many massacres. They killed children, women, the elderly. But the socialist and revolutionary spirit did not allow that. Today from all around the world people rush to the revolution. Anarchists, socialists, democrats, communists, people who have been searching for something draw strength from the revolution and rush to the revolution. If these people come here, it means there is a lot happening in Rojava.


YPJ fighter Serhildan concluded with:

“We must uphold this revolution and the people of Kurdistan in all four parts, for conscientious and humanitarian reasons. Lastly, Afrin was colonized but like ISIS was defeated and Rojava, Maxmur and Shengal were cleared, Afrin will be cleared of the enemy.”