YPJ commander Rojda Kayner (Mizgin Botan) dies in a traffic accident

It was announced that YPJ fighter Mizgîn Botan was killed in a traffic accident.

The YPJ General Command said that fighter Rojda Kayner (Mizgin Botan) was killed in a traffic accident.

The statement said: "The Rojava Women's Revolution, which reinforced the spirit of national unity and the spirit of unity of the peoples, became a refuge for many heroic women and men. Young people from all corners of Kurdistan and the world joined the ranks of the revolution. The Kobanê resistance changed the fate of the Kurdish people and the region.”

The statement added: “Our comrade Rojda Kayner, also known as Mizgin Botan, grew up in a patriotic family and joined the ranks of freedom from the Resistance in Cizre Botan.

Comrade Mizgin undertook all her duties as a young commander. When ISIS mercenaries attacked Kobanê, Heval Mizgin joined the YPJ ranks in 2014. Comrade Mizgin assumed an important role and mission in the fight against ISIS. She waged a relentless struggle for her people. As a young commander of the Women's Defense Units, she strengthened herself in the revolutionary people's war strategy and trained her comrades with this experience.

Our comrade Mizgin Botan fell a martyr on 29 January 2023 as a result of an accident while on duty. First of all, we would like to express our condolences to the family of Comrade Mizgin and to all our patriotic people. Our commitment to our martyred comrades is to raise our struggle.

The identity details of the YPJ fighter are as follows:

Code Name: Mizgin Botan

Name and Surname: Rojda Kaynar

Mother's Name: Halima

Father's Name: Abdullah

Martyrdom Date and Place: 29.01.2023 Ain Issa”