Yazidi House calls on the UN to send a delegation to İmralı

The Yazidi House in Aleppo condemned the absolute isolation of leader Abdullah Öcalan and said, “We will not turn back from this path until we gain an honourable life, we will increase our struggle.”

Members of the Yazidi House (Êzidî Mala) made a press statement in front of their office in the western part of Aleppo's Sheikh Maqsoud (Şêxmeqsud) neighbourhood, condemning the absolute isolation of Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the ban on family and lawyer visits, which is renewed periodically on the grounds of ‘disciplinary punishment’.

The press statement was read in Kurdish and Arabic by Elmas Soko and Seîd Çawîş, members of the Yazidi House.

Condemning the dirty policies against Abdullah Öcalan, the statement read: ‘In his books, Leader Abdullah Öcalan states that the Yazidi community, which he describes as an “original society”, preserves its language and culture, that the genocide against the Yazidis continues and that these genocide attempts will continue until the Yazidis are eliminated. He says that if the Yazidi faith disappears, the Kurdish language will also disappear. In response to these words, we say that we are with you, we will not turn back from this path until the peoples, religions and components of Kurdistan and Mesopotamia gain an honourable life. We will continue our struggle."

The statement appealed to Kurdish political parties, democratic groups and freedom-loving peoples, and called on legal organisations to fulfil their duties.

The Yazidi House further called on the UN to send a delegation to İmralı immediately to clarify the situation of Abdullah Öcalan and other political prisoners in the island prison.