Women in Raqqa regain confidence in themselves through art

Painter Ezîze El Utbe is doing important work for disadvantaged women who were subjected to violence. She wants to teach women painting and handicrafts so that they could gain self-confidence and strengthen their economies.

Ezize El Utbe, who had to migrate to Hema after ISIS occupied Raqqa, returned to Raqqa after the city was liberated by the SDF.

The woman, who first returned to Raqqa in 2018, decided to return for good in 2023 after the successful work of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Autonomous Administration in the region.

El Utbe, who has been painting for many years, supports her 4 children by painting. She wanted to teach painting and handicrafts to disadvantaged women who had family problems or were subjected to violence, and she is making big efforts to achieve this.

Speaking to ANHA, Ezîze El Utbe said: "The reason why I choose women who are subjected to violence and are disadvantaged is because I know their pain and want to help them regain confidence in themselves. They can start a new life and show themselves easily with this project. The main materials needed for the painting were provided. We have identified suitable areas for women, such as painting, drawing on wood and dress design. Psychological support will also be provided to help them become stronger personally and professionally."