Wheat depots damaged by Turkish attacks in Ain Issa

Several wheat depots have been damaged by Turkish artillery attacks. 2,100 tons of wheat risks faces destruction.

Due to the Turkish attacks, the wheat depot in the village of Misherfa near Ain Issa has been inaccessible since January 18. The artillery bombardment damaged power lines and granaries. The Misherfa depot is located about two kilometers north of Ain Issa and about 500 meters from the strategically important M4 highway. The depot stores 2,100 tons of wheat for the six bakeries in Ain Issa. The roofs of the warehouses have been at least partially damaged, so it is feared that the harvest will be destroyed by the heavy rains of the last few days.

Attacks continue unabated

Invading forces continued shelling villages near Ain Issa on Monday night. The villages of Maalek, Seqir and the M4 highway were among the targets. So far there is no information about the damage.