"We will not leave our lands, we will resist the invaders"

Til Rifat District Council protested in a statement the Turkish state's attacks against the district, where thousands of Afrin IDPs are settled, and the silence of the international public opinion.


Dozens of communes, members and citizens from Afrin protested the invading Turkish state's attacks on Til Rifat district and the silence of the international public opinion on the attacks.

Condemning the silence of the international public opinion, the press statement said: “The occupying Turkish state is committing new crimes against the Syrian people every day. These crimes are committed before the eyes of the international public, but any country or any international movement cannot condemn these crimes."

The statement continued: “The resistance against the attacks of the Turkish state will continue. As the people of Til Rifat, we will resist the terrorists. We tell the Turkish occupation force that your missiles, gangs and crimes will not drive us out of our homes and lands. We will resist their all fascist plans.”

The statement added that the attacks against the Syrian territories were a continuation of the international conspiracy against Abdullah Öcalan and an international manifestation of the isolation imposed on the Kurdish leader.