Manbij people: We must support the SDF to resist attacks

The four-day action launched in Manbij in protest at the Turkish attacks on North-East Syria continues.

A protest action was started on Saturday in a tent set up in Manbij against the Turkish state’s attacks on Ain Issa in particular and North-East Syrian territories in general. 

The protest action launched by the Youth Assembly of the Syrian Future Party in Manbij with the motto "It is our promise to protect our country, no to occupation, let's protect our country together" continues.

The tent action has been going on for 3 days. Members of regional councils and the Future Syria Party have participated in the action on Monday.

Til Hozan Council Member Hozan Ehmed El Hisên, Xeta El Muhterêq Council co-chair Delei El Hisên, El Heye and El Basti District Council Women’s Branch spokesperson Xedice El Şewax, Syrian Future Party al-Bab District Council head Ehmed El Abo delivered speeches.

The speakers condemning the crimes of the invading Turkish state against the peoples of North and East Syria rejected the silence of the international public opinion against the attacks of the Turkish state in Ain Issa.

The speakers noted that despite the ceasefire agreement and the attempts of different powers to resolve the Syrian crisis, the Turkish state increased its attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria. The activists expressed their support for the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces against the attacks of the invading Turkish state.

Poet Ehmed El Yusif read out the poem "Şoreşger" [Revolutionary].

The action is expected to continue until tomorrow.