Turkish state kidnaps four people in Afrin

The Turkish state kidnapped four people in the Cindirês district of Afrin Canton.

According to local sources, the "Civil Police", the paramilitary crime apparatus established by the Turkish state in occupied Afrin, kidnapped 4 people in Cindirês.

The abductees have been named as follows: Mehmûd Hîla Xelef (28) from the village of Celemê, Hisên Ebdurehman Hiso from the village of Ashka Şerqî, Elî Mihemed El Kerîm (38) and Xelîl Hisên Hiso (34) from Cindirêsê district.

The whereabouts and fate of the four people is unknown.

The Turkish state systematically commits war crimes in the territories it occupies.

Crimes such as kidnapping, execution, torture, ransom, looting and extortion are committed on a daily basis.