Turkish state gangs in Afrin killed a child and kidnapped at least 53 people in May

The Afrin-Syrian Human Rights Organization said that the Turkish state murdered a child in the Afrin region and kidnapped at least 53 people, including 4 women, in the month of May.

The Afrin-Syrian Human Rights Organization said that the Turkish state and its mercenaries (police, civilian police, al-Jabhe al-Shamiye and Emşat gangs) kidnapped at least 53 people, including 4 women, for arbitrary reasons in May. It was stated that thousands of dollars in ransom were demanded for the release of the abductees.

The Turkish state, which has established a total terror regime in the occupied region, systematically kidnaps people and demands ransom from their families. The abducted are usually kept at different points in the Afrin canton, where they are subjected to brutal torture.

A child was killed

According to the Human Rights Organization, Ankara-affiliated gangs that randomly opened fire in Afrin after the second round of the presidential elections in Turkey, on 28 May, killed a child in the Mehmudi camp and injured 25 other people.

Public property loaded

Part of the war crimes committed by the Turkish state consists in the confiscation and looting of public property.

In the month of May, more than 900 olive and fruit trees were cut down in Afrin city center as well as in the Mabata and Raco districts. The wood of these trees is sold in Afrin, Ezaz, Idlib and Jarablus markets.

Ethnic cleaning, colonial buildings

Ethnic cleansing activities continue in Kurdish lands. The Turkish state, in cooperation with Qatar, Kuwaiti and Palestinian organizations, is constructing colonial buildings in the villages and districts of the Afrin canton. Approximately 50 new colonial buildings were built in the village of Şadêr in the district of Şêrawa. Excavations were also carried out on 30 hectares of land in the same area.

The Human Rights Organization reported that the World Aid Committee "Insur", in cooperation with Palestinian associations, has built "Emel 2" colonial buildings on Lelun mountain in the southeast of the Afrin canton.