Turkish state and mercenaries kidnap 11 more people in Afrin

The invading Turkish state kidnapped at least 11 more civilians, including a woman, in Afrin's Bilbil and Raco districts.

The "Military Police" formed by the Turkish state occupying the region kidnapped 10 civilians in the village of Mamilo in Raco.

The kidnapped people have been named as follows: Reşid Reşîd Zêbar (65), Ehmed Mihemed Xelîl Zêbar (45), Selah Ehmed Îbrahîm (38), Sebrî Mihemed Faris (35), Ismet Hesen Eloko (35), Hisên Mihemed Îbrahîm (67) and Qaziqlî Faris (45).

Local sources reported that the Turkish state called nearly 90 civilians in the village of Mamilo to detain them.

In the village of Qestela Xidiriya in Bilbil, a woman named Leyla Mihemed (46) was abducted by Turkish-linked mercenaries.