Turkish state and its mercenaries kidnap 14 more civilians in Afrin

The Turkish state and its mercenaries kidnapped 14 civilians in the village of Îska in Afrin.

Feyleq al-Sham mercenaries affiliated to the Turkish state kidnapped 14 civilians, including women, in the village of Îska in Afrin.

Sources in the region named the kidnapped civilians as follows: Mihmed Eli Osman (24), Hesen Îbo Îbiş (50), Bekir Nûrî Berekat (30), Selha Nûrî Selha (40), Fadil Ebdulrehman (30), Welîd Hayder Mamo (45), Mesûd Îbrahîm Mamo (40), Ednan Omer Îbo (56), Cemal Mihmed Alo (35), Ehmed Macid Remo (35), Hesen Sami Bazur (23), Binevş Omer Îbiş (50), Esûm Omer Îbiş (50), Bişûr Sibhî (30).

On 4 November, Turkish army intelligence and mercenaries, the so called "military police" kidnapped two elderly civilians in the village of Gemruk in Mabata.

On 3 November, the Turkish state kidnapped 3 women in Suluk, in the province of Girê Spî.

The Turkish state has created a regime of terror and sent mercenaries in all the regions it has occupied, especially in Afrin, which has been occupied since March 2018. Crimes such as kidnapping, execution, torture, looting, forced abduction have become daily occurrences in the city, which has been systematically transformed into a war crimes area.