Turkish state and its mercenaries destroy Afrin cultural heritage

Turkish state and its mercenaries continue to destroy Afrin cultural heritage.

The officials of the Afrin Region Archeology Directorate said that the Turkish state and its mercenaries carried out excavations with construction equipment in the historical Kitix Mound, located between the city center and the districts of Raco and Shiyê.

According to the data collected in 2018, the officials stated that excavations were carried out in a total of 5,000 square meters area and the historical building was destroyed in 3 different points in the mound. According to the photographs and documents received, they estimated that a construction site was set up in the area and that many people were employed in the demolition of the mound.

Authorities said that, according to the data obtained in July 2019, an area of 18,000 square meters, including the hill called Acropolis, was destroyed and many olive trees in the region were cut down.

Finally, the officials stated that the Turkish state continues to commit crimes because the international community and the press are silent about what is going on in Afrin.