Turkish presence prevents stabilization of Syria, says Autonomous Administration

To mark the fourth anniversary of the start of the Turkish invasion of Afrin, the Autonomous Administration declared that stabilization in Syria would only be possible with the end of the occupation.

To mark the fourth anniversary of the start of the Turkish invasion of Afrin on 20 January 2018, the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria released a statement underlining that no peace in Syria is possible as long as Turkish troops and their mercenaries remain in Syria.

The statement said: “20 January marks the fourth anniversary of the start of the Turkish invasion of Afrin. For four years the most heinous crimes have been committed. Every standard of morality and conscience is blown up. Turkish-backed and directly Turkish-controlled extremist groups have shaken the region's security. Afrin residents fled the brutal attacks and occupation. Before the invasion, Afrin was a safe haven for more than 180,000 people fleeing the suffering of war in Syria.

Crimes in the occupied territories have been going on for four years. Turkey aims to destabilize our regions, undermine our people's democratic experience and prevent a solution in Syria. Turkey is pushing through a project of occupying and partitioning Syria. The attacks currently taking place clearly show the state of division and occupation. The attacks have a major impact on the entire Syrian region. For us and all those who have a patriotic attitude, the occupation of part of Syria is an occupation of all of Syria. Therefore, it is necessary to fight together for the liberation of these areas.”

The Turkish state plans to revive ISIS

The statement added: “The Turkish occupying state continues its work of destruction on Syria and our society. The actions of the Turkish state and its mercenaries in the occupied territories prove once again that Turkey is implementing a policy that is not in Syria's interests. All this is happening under the silence of the international powers, the UN institutions, the International Coalition, Russia and the government of Damascus. The claim that Turkey protects its national security and supports Syria's stability is a lie. The attacks by so-called Syrian opposition forces aim to legitimize the Turkish state's actions.

All national forces in Syria and the international community must oppose these dangerous plans against the Syrian people. There are thousands of ISIS mercenaries who fled Syria after the defeat, were housed in Turkey and organized by the Turkish state under the so-called ‘National Army’. The Turkish state has a whole range of projects to revive ISIS.”

Stability in Syria is not possible without an end to the occupation

The statement continued: “On the 4th anniversary of the Turkish attack on Afrin, we, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, reiterate that Turkey's presence on Syrian territory and its support for terrorists who claim to be acting on behalf of the Syrian opposition prevent a solution and stability possible in Syria.

The Turkish state is trying to change the region's demographics, expel the population, divide the region and implement a new Turkishization project. We call on all institutions and the international community, the United Nations, the European Union, the International Coalition, Russia and the Syrian government, to recognize the magnitude of the threat posed by Turkish policies in Syria.

We reaffirm that we stand by the side of those forcibly displaced from their homes and that we will work for the liberation of the occupied territories until success. We promise the people of North and East Syria, especially those from Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and Afrin that we will continue to fight with them until the region is liberated.

With this in mind, we commemorate our brave fallen and veterans who bravely fought against the Turkish army and its mercenaries. With our absolute belief in the freedom, values ​​and achievements of our people, we reaffirm the promise that we will keep fighting until the goals and aspirations of our people are achieved and the democratic revolution is successfully implemented.”