Turkish-backed mercenaries set fire to cultivated lands in Bab

Turkish state allied gangs are setting fire to the cultivated lands of the villagers in Bab. The gangs open fire on civilians who want to intervene with the fires.

Fires have broken out in the cultivated lands in the area between the Bab Military Council fighters to the east of the city and the Turkish state allied gangs.

Bab Military Council Deputy Commander General Yusif El Erime said the invading Turkish state has been setting the villagers’ lands on fire and opened fire on people trying to put the fires out. El Erime said positions of the Bab Military Council were also attacked with heavy weapons.

Yusif El Erime said the first fire broke out in El Boxaz village and the occupied El Ewlshli village, and the other fires followed the same day in the occupied Kirediye village, and to the El Bowihic and Ceble El Hemra villages and continued for 3 days. The Bab Military Council fighters and firefighting units worked together to put the fires out.

El Erime added that despite all the joint effort, the fires couldn’t be put out as people fighting the fires were shot at by the gangs.

In the fires, 30 to 40 hectares of land burned down in 4 villages.