Turkish-backed mercenaries kill a youngster in occupied Gire Spi

The Turkish forces and mercenary allies continue their violations and brutal attacks against local people in the regions they have occupied in North-East Syria.

Turkish-backed paramilitary mercenaries murdered a youngster in the Turkish-occupied Girê Spî canton.

According to reports, a young man named Casim El Yûnis was killed at the Qetaf checkpoint to the west of the Silûk town after he objected to and prevented a body search on his female relatives.

One of the areas occupied by Turkey in northern Syria is the region of Girê Spî. The formerly multicultural, self-governing region was occupied by Turkey in October 2019 and has been controlled by the Turkish intelligence service and jihadist mercenaries since. According to the Girê Spî Cantol Council, more than 100,000 people had to flee the region after the Turkish invasion. People loyal to the Turkish regime are resettled in their place as the Turkish state is pursuing an intensive settlement policy, systematically expelling the Kurdish population from the occupied areas.