‘Turkey is plundering schools and holy places in Til Temir’

Til Temir District Council Co-chairman Ciwan Mele Eyüb stated that with its attacks on Til Temir, the Turkish state plundered schools and holy places and cut off the water supply of Alouk Station, which provides drinking water to millions of people.

Til Temir District Council Co-Chair Ciwan Mele Eyüb stated that the invading Turkish state moved to Til Temir district after occupying Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, and continued, “31 villages in Til Temir have been occupied by the Turkish state and mercenaries. In addition, 23 villages were depopulated along the Turkish state's front lines. Inhumane crimes were committed against the people by the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries in the district. Every day, civilians' homes are pillaged and destroyed. After the residents fled, the so-called Syrian National Army gangs confiscated civilian homes and properties."


Ciwan Mele Eyüb stated that the invading Turkish state cut off the water supply to Alouk Station more than 20 times, which provides drinking water to Hesekê, and continued, "This situation has deprived millions of people of drinking water. The Turkish state is attempting to destroy the region's economy by cutting off Xabur's water supply because the people of the region make a living by farming and irrigate their fields with river water. As a result of the Turkish state's constant targeting of the district, infrastructure was destroyed, electricity was cut off, and agricultural lands in occupied villages and villages on the war front were destroyed."


Noting that the invading Turkish state targeted schools and holy places, Ciwan Mele Eyüb said, “The Turkish state plundered 5 schools in the district. They destroyed the mosques in Tawil and Derdara, as well as the Assyrian cemeteries of martyrs."

Recalling the events and crimes committed in Til Temir in 2015, Ciwan Mele Eyüb said, "All of this reminds us of the days when ISIS gangs targeted and destroyed churches. According to international law, what the invading Turkish state has done in Northern and Eastern Syria is a war crime. We urge human rights organizations and the UN to intervene immediately, document these crimes, and prosecute the Turkish state and its mercenaries for the atrocities committed against the people of Northern and Eastern Syria.”