Turkey forces displacement of 300,000 people and resettles 400,000 mercenaries

Til Temir Court of Social Justice Prosecutor Zahid Simela said that the Turkish state is building colonial houses for its mercenaries in Afrin adding that the international community remained silent and took part in this crime.

The Turkish state has been changing the demographic structure in the region since it occupied Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. The Turkish state is forcing the people of the region to migrate and is bringing its mercenaries and their families from different regions to settle them in the region. The Turkish state imposes Turkish language in the areas it occupies, and it is also pressing local people for the use of the Turkish lira in trade. International organizations remain silent in the face of these crimes of the Turkish state.

Simela told ANHA: “The Turkish state wants to change the demographic structure, especially in Afrin. It wants to destroy anything Kurdish. That's why it brings mobs and mercenaries and places them here. It is attempting to displace all Kurds in the region from their lands. The Turkish state commits a crime according to article 49 of the Geneva agreement. This is a crime against humanity.”

Simela pointed out that the Turkish state is building colonial houses for its mercenaries in the region. “Houses are being built for the families of the mercenaries with the support of Kuwait and Qatar. The Turkish state has so far removed 300,000 people from Afrin and has brought 400,000 of its people to Afrin. Forced migration is a crime according to the international community. The international community is complicit in these crimes because it remains silent. That's why everyone should act quickly to stop these crimes.”