Turkey cuts drinking water in villages of Girê Spî

Northern and Eastern Syria has been affected by a shortage of water provoked by Turkish state. The residents of El Hîşa town of Girê Spî also suffer from drinking water problem as summer nears.

The Turkish state continues to pursue a policy of hostility towards the people in Northern and Eastern Syria, especially by changing the demographic structure of Afrin and by attacking other regions.

The reduction of water coming from Euphrates River has been going on for more than 4 months and has restrained proper operation of the water pumps and drinking water networks in Northern and Eastern Syria.

The partial operation of the water pump in Til Semin affected agriculture in the El Hîşa town and villages of Girê Spî. Furthermore, the water pump in the town of El Hîşa, which provides water to dozens of villages, has also been affected by the water reduction in the Euphrates.

The water pump in the town of El Hisha gets water from the Til Semin water pump, which operates for only 4 hours in 48 hours. These caused water shortages in the town of El Hîşa and its villages. The pump works for 4 hours to store the drinking water in the channel. However, this does not meet the needs of the residents who now face the summer months.

The villages that receive drinking water from the pump in the town of El Hîşa are: El Hêşa, El Xazlî Xerbî, El Xazlî Şerqî, Xazlî Kiêşîş, El Huriya, Hîşa El Şibil and Şêx Hesen.