Turkey attacked Afrin and Shehba at least 275 times in October

The Turkish state continues its genocidal campaign against North-East Syria where it has already occupied territories in violation of international law.

According to a balance sheet released by the defense forces in the Shehba region, the invading Turkish army and allied mercenaries carried out at least 275 attacks on 55 locations in Afrin and Shehba between 3 and 31 October.

The attacks also targeted the positions of Damascus forces, killing 2 Syrian soldiers and wounding 18 soldiers and 3 civilians.

The balance sheet lists the details of the attacks as follows:

Howitzers: 1799

Mortars: 884

Grenade Launchers: 314

Missiles: 4

Tanks: 30

Kamikaze Drones: 3

Reconnaissance Aircraft: 52

Fighter jets: 1