Tortured body of an elderly civilian found in Jindires, Afrin

The Turkish forces and mercenary groups under Turkish control continue targeting civilians in the occupied regions in North and East Syria.

Crimes against civilians have already taken on alarming dimensions since the Turkish state forces joined by mercenary groups derived from ISIS occupied the northern Syrian canton of Afrin in March 2018.

Hardly a day passes without reports of murder, abduction, rape and abuse from the Turkish-occupied territory in Rojava.

The dead body of an elderly civilian was found in the Jindires district on Sunday. The body, found in an olive garden, carries marks of torture.

The Turkish state has established a terror and mercenary governance in all of the areas it has occupied in North-East Syria, particularly in Afrin, which has been occupied since March 2018. Crimes like kidnapping, execution, torture, looting, and forced abduction have become common in the city, which has been gradually transformed into a war crimes hotspot.