Three ISIS children handed over to the UK

The children are aged from 7 to 10 years old.

A British delegation has visited North and East Syria for a closed-door meeting with the Autonomous Administration, and the first ever handover of three UK-national children of ISIS members. The children are aged from 7 to 10 years old.

Following his meeting with the co-chair of the Foreign Relations Commission in North and East Syria, Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, UK Special Representative for Syria Martin Longden said:

“I’m very grateful to the local authorities here in North East Syria for the vital help that you have provided in enabling us to return the British children to the United Kingdom. Daesh’s outrageous behaviours have created many victims, especially here in North East Syria."

“The UK, as part of the global Coalition, has worked very closely with the Syrian Democratic Forces as part of the fight against the so-called caliphate, and I want to pay tribute to that effort and that partnership that played a significant part in the ending of ISIS."

North and East Syria's Dr. Omar said: "We have discussed the occupation and demographic change being carried out by Turkey. On 4 December, UK, France, Germany and Turkey will meet. We suggested an international force be put in place on the border, so refugees can return home."

"The Autonomous Administration remains in sole control of North and East Syria, and must be included in the committee for a new Syrian constitution. Without the participation of the Kurds and the people of North and East Syria, it won’t be possible to find a solution.”