Tabqa Women's Administration: International community should pressure Turkey to end water war

Tabqa Women's Administration said that the international community should put pressure on the Turkish state for lowering the water of the Euphrates River which is affecting the people of the region.

Tabqa Women's Administration made a press statement about the lowering of the water of the Euphrates River by the Turkish state. In the statement read by Fatima El Behbûh, member of Tabqa Women's Administration, the international community was criticized for not playing its role.

El Behbûh said that the Turkish state does not respect any humanitarian value and added that millions of people have problems with water because of the same policies Turkey has been implementing for years.

El Behbûh emphasized that the international public opinion was just watching in silence this tragedy and added that the Turkish state waged war on the region also using water, thus violating international law.

El Behbûh also underlined that even the fish ecosystem of the river was damaged by the policies of the Turkish state. Calling on international institutions and organizations to play their role, El Behbûh asked them for more pressure on the Turkish state.