Syrian Democratic Council holds 4th congress in Raqqa

MSD 4th congress started in Raqqa with the participation of 400 delegates. Speaking at the congress, MSD co-chair Emîne Omer stated that a political solution in Syria would not be possible without the participation of the people.

The 4th Congress of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) started in Raqqa with the slogan "The unity of Syrians is the basis for the political solution and reconciliation of a decentralised, pluralistic, democratic Syria".

The congress is attended by 400 delegates from Syria and abroad, including MSD representatives, representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), representatives of women's organisations, youth organisations, Yazidi, Syriac, Armenian representatives, tribal elders and independent personalities.

No political solution in sight

Speaking at the congress held in Erd El Seida Restaurant, MSD Co-Chair Emîne Omer pointed out that the congress was held under very difficult conditions and said, "Solutions are blocked due to the regime's obstinacy and despotism. In addition, there is no political solution in sight due to the exclusion of the active political forces that would lead Syria to a solution and the reflection of the conflict in the world system on the conflict in Syria."

Emîne Omer stated that the Syrian people hoped for a ceasefire, peace and security in the country and continued: "We believe that there will be no solution without the will of the Syrian people and the implementation of international resolutions. Local interventionist forces are trying to impose occupation and demographic change on Syrian territory, while at the same time trying to maintain their presence in Syria. These forces, which try to use the conflict for their own purposes and interests, are one of the biggest obstacles to a solution. A political solution is not possible without the Syrian people and its living power, and without the implementation of international resolutions in a way that guarantees democracy and security in Syria and helps to solve many problems in the Middle East. We see that there is hope for a solution in Syria in the event that Syrians agree on a national Syrian project. Therefore, we have based the project of a decentralised and democratic Syria on the preservation of national identity and Syrian structures."

The aim is a multifaceted Syrian identity

Evaluating the period since the MSD congress in 2018, Emîne Omer pointed out the following: "At that time, there were many developments in Syria that pushed us to continue building after the victory against ISIS and the establishment of the Autonomous Administration. We recognise that changes in the structure of the MSD are needed to transform it into a political spirit that builds a national democratic alternative for Syria based on the strategic national cause. Finally, we can be empowered to solve the complex social problems and the issue of the rights of the constituents. According to the current international and regional conditions and war conditions in the region, this strategic option is a democratic, scientific solution and a decentralised political system. We can establish a union based on a constitution agreed upon by all. This constitution should ensure the unity of the state against ethnic and religious groups and the coexistence of everyone in it. We must take this into account. So, the goal is a multifaceted Syrian identity, and the solution should be through a general national congress, through an agreement between Syrians or with official parties."

MSD Co-Chair Riyad Derar, who attended the congress via Zoom from Vienna, the capital of Austria, said that he was proud to have been the Co-Chair of MSD for the last few years and that they chose a different line to achieve their goals during the years of conflict.

Calling for solidarity and contribution to the Syrian people, Derar said: "Thus, their participation can be active and help in the political process of resolving the conflict in Syria."

The congress will continue with a documentary on the activities of the MSD. SDF General Commander Mazlum Abdi will then participate via Zoom.