Syrian Democratic Council executive says unity between Kurds and Arabs can stop Turkish amibitions

Hisên Ezam said that the timing of KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayık's speech was appropriate and added that if the Kurdish and Arab peoples unite, they can stop the bloodshed.

Hisên Ezam, member of the co-presidency committee of the Democratic Syrian Council (MSD), spoke to ANHA about the relations between the Kurdish and Arab peoples, and said that they had entered a new phase after the establishment of the Autonomous Administration.

Hisên Ezam said that the Kurdish-Arab alliance got an important result with the 19 July Revolution and added: “The Autonomous Administration embodies all the colours of the region. The enemies of the Autonomous Administration are primarily trying to provoke the peoples against each other. They failed in all their plans. The Autonomous Administration continues to develop and grow with the cooperation of the peoples.

Drawing attention to the achievements of the Autonomous Administration, Ezam said: “The Autonomous Administration has proven to be the most appropriate solution model for the whole of Syria with its success in Northern and Eastern Syria and with its positive contributions to the administrative structure of Syria.”

'We put no conditions for dialogue'

Ezam said: “We are working to stop the bloodshed in Syria. For this, we are ready to engage in dialogue with the Damascus government. We do not impose any conditions for dialogue. All we want is for the bloodshed to stop. The MSD showed that it wants to solve the Syrian crisis by presenting important projects in this regard in 2015.”

Drawing attention to the interview given by KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayık to the Arabic newspaper El Nehar, Ezam said: “We believe that the successes of the Kurdish-Arab alliance in Syria will open the door to a new era. This alliance is the only force that can stop the Ottoman dreams of the Turkish State in Syria. The statements by Mr. Cemil Bayık came at a very appropriate time. In a period when the attacks of the Turkish State are intense, we can respond to the attacks by uniting and thus stop Turkish ambitions."