Syriac politician Gabriel Şemûn calls on people to support SDF and resist Turkish invasion attacks

Syriac politician Gabriel Şemûn said that the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state should be stopped as soon as possible and called on the people to support the defense forces resisting the invaders.

The invading Turkish state and its mercenaries continue to carry out invasion attacks in Northern and Eastern Syria. Attacks on Til Temir have increased dramatically since last July. Intense bombardment is carried out especially in the villages where Assyrians and Syriacs live.

Speaking about the attacks, Syriac Unity Party Executive Committee member Gabriel Şemûn said that the Turkish state deliberately bombed the places where Assyrians and Syriacs live. Stating that the Turkish state is targeting places of worship and holy temples, Şemun noted that it is shameful for the world to watch this and remain silent.

Condemning the intensification of the attacks on the anniversary of the invasion of Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê, Şemûn told ANHA: “The Turkish state is trying to annex Syrian lands. Russia, the US and the UN should take responsibility and act against these plans. The Turkish state is attacking the sacred places of the peoples.”

Addressing the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria, Gabriel Şemûn said that everyone should unite around the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to resist the invaders.