Shehba refugees face double threat: coronavirus and Ankara

People of Afrin have been displaced to Sherewa and Shehba following the invasion of the Turkish state two years ago. Now they continued to be exposed to the attacks of the Turkish state as well as to the coronavirus pandemic threat.

The Turkish state continues to attack North East Syria, despite the threats posed by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The co-chair of the Sherewa Council, Evdo Berakat, said that they are trying to take measures to protect the people against the danger posed by the coronavirus infection. However, he added, the people are facing a greater danger due to the attacks of the Turkish state.

Stating that the Turkish state and its mercenaries attacked the people with howitzers and mortars, Berakat added: "We are telling people not to go out. We have neither hospital nor doctors. If the coronavirus outbreak reaches us, the consequences will be devastating. People are struggling, living conditions are difficult and this disease added to the Turkish attacks make things even more difficult. Someone should say stop to Erdogan. The villages of Sherewa are bombed every day."

It is difficult for us to protect ourselves

Kemal Ebdo from Afrin was forced to flee his house and settle in the village of Ziyaret in Sherewa. Now, he said, they have to deal with both the problems of displacement and the risk of the coronavirus pandemic.

Enwer Kaxrê from Afrin said that they continue to struggle despite all problems, but added that it is difficult to protect themselves due to the attacks carried out by the Turkish state.

Hesen, who has been living in a school for two years after he was forced to settle in the village of Ehrez in Shehba, said: "The conditions we live in are very difficult. Now, we also have to face the danger posed by this new disease. We are 14 families. About 60-70 people live in this school. The school is already in a very bad situation, and the Turkish state is attacking with mortars. We no longer know what to do against these attacks."