Severe clashes in Sêrekaniyê

Severe clashes in Sêrekaniyê.

Reporter Ersin Çaksu from Sêrekaniyê city center denied the Turkish state's statements that the city was being taken.

Çaksu said that violent clashes are taking place in the city, and confirmed that the invading Turkish army is carrying out continuous bombing by land and air.

Our correspondent Ersin Çaksu stated that the invading Turkish army and its mercenaries attacked by land from the east and west of the city, and that intense bombing continues on the city.

He said that the city was bombed with howitzer, and that the bombs hit civilian settlements causing casualties. Because of the intense bombing our correspondent was not able to reach the area nor to learn the number of casualties.

Ersin Çaksu also confirmed that Roj Hospital was bombed and added that SDF fighters responded and heavily hit the occupation forces while they tried to advance from the east and west of the city and destroyed an anti-aircraft vehicle.