SDF spokesman calls on the international community to play its role

The spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, called on the international forces active in Syria to play their role and stop the Turkish attacks, but at the same time indicated the readiness of his forces to confront the Turkish attacks.

Spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Aram Hanna, spoke to ANHA about the attacks in north and east Syria, pointing out to the continuation of the Turkish occupation state's attacks despite the ceasefire agreements in 2019.

Hanna said: "Since the beginning of this April, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have escalated their attacks on the region, including Kobani and its villages, al-Shahba and Ain Issa areas, all the way to Tal Tamr and Zarkan district, and they have committed crimes against citizens."

"They also continued their operations by targeting the Assyrian villages in Tal Tamr with heavy weapons to empty them of their residents," he added.

Regarding the ongoing military escalation in the Kobani canton and the al-Shahba region and villages, Hanna said: "Kobani and al-Shahba have a great moral position for our people. Kobani is the first area from which we set out to liberate all of northern and eastern Syria from ISIS mercenaries, and the beginning of our partnership with the global coalition."

Hanna pointed out that Kobani was the seed of the resistance and the seed of the revolution waged by their forces and the peoples of the region, so the Turkish occupation is trying to break it.

The territories of North and east Syria are also witnessing continuous intensive flight of the Turkish occupation state's drones, targeting leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, national figures and officials in the Autonomous Administration.

Commenting on this, Aram Hanna said, "Most of the air strikes are against safe and populated areas, and this is evident through the damage caused by the attacks that target citizens and service centers in the area."

Hanna attributed the military escalation of the Turkish occupation state to its exploitation of the current political conditions and the preoccupation of the international community with the Russian-Ukrainian war, to launch extensive military attacks on north and east Syria, and to occupy more of the Syrian geography.

"It is possible that there will be international coordination regarding air attacks against our regions and their continuation," he noted.

The United States of America had said during the era of former US President Donald Trump that America was in control of the airspace in North-East Syria.

Hanna continued: "We reserve the international role in this context, and we call on the international community and all active forces in Syria to play their positive role that ensures the stability and security of the region."

On the position of their military forces on any possible large-scale attacks, Aram Hanna assured the readiness of all their military formations to repel any possible attack on north and east Syria, and any danger threatening them, by any party.

The SDF spokesman concluded: "Our forces are a legitimate national force, and we exercise our national role based on our identity and our desire to live securely along the border strip, and we declare our readiness to repel any possible aggression, and we will not accept the occupation of any new area, and our forces will be the fortified shield to defend the region."