SDF fighter Awaz Çiya laid to rest in Kobanê

SDF fighter Awaz Çiya (Dijwar Îsa) who lost his life on 27 October was laid to rest in Kobanê.

Masses from the Euphrates region in North-East Syria bid farewell to SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) fighter Awaz Çiya (Dijwar Îsa) who lost his life in an accident on 27 October.

Speaking at the funeral ceremony at Şehit Dicle Cemetery of Martyrs, Euphrates Region Theater Commune Leyla Ehmed said: “We live safely thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs. We will continue to follow in the footsteps of martyrs until their goals are realized.”

Speaking after, Kobanê Military Council Co-Chair Îsmaîl Îsmaîl said: “We bow before the families of martyrs with respect and gratitude. The enemy can never break our will. We will enhance our struggle against the occupiers.”

The SDF fighter was then laid to rest with the slogan “Şehîd namirin” (Martyrs are immortal).