SDF: 13 attacker mercenaries killed, two others arrested

SDF tightens the security perimeter on Al-Sina’a Prison in Heseke.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement providing latest information from Hesekê city where fighting continues following Thursday night’s ISIS attack on Sina Prison and the mass outbreak attempt of ISIS prisoners.

The SDF statement said, “Our forces are dealing with (unidentified) terrorist cells coming from the Geweran neighborhood, south of al-Hasaka, trying to support Daesh terrorist mutineers trapped in the northern section of al-Sina’a prison. Therefore, our forces have raided specific locations in the neighborhood, pursuing these terrorists. Moreover, our forces tightened the security cordon imposed on the northern wall of al-Sina’a prison and conducted this morning precision military operations in which they managed to neutralize 13 attacker mercenaries and arrest two others. Our forces are fighting with high precision to prevent these terrorists from partial or total impunity.”