Revolutionary Youth: We will resist the attacks of the invaders

The Revolutionary Youth Movement of the Girê Spi canton launched an action in Ain Issa to protest the attacks of the invading Turkish state and the silence of the international public on the attacks.

The Revolutionary Youth Movement in Ain Issa started an action in protest at the attacks and plans of the invading Turkish state, vowing that they would resist the attacks of the Turkish state against Ain Issa.

Making a statement on behalf of the Kobanê Canton Revolutionary Youth Movement on the first day of the protest in a tent, Eli El Ehmed condemned the attacks of the Turkish state.

Remarking that the international public opinion and Russia's silence on Turkey’s attacks against the civilians in the region prompted the Turkish state to invade other regions of Syria, Eli El Ehmed said, “As the Kobanê Canton Revolutionary Youth Movement, we will continue to support the people of Ain Issa and SDF forces that have been resisting against the barbaric attacks of the Turkish state."

Hilal El Hilal, a member of the Revolutionary Youth Movement who participated in the action, said that they were in action to convey their support to the people of Ain Issa and to express their objection to the attacks. Hilal added, “We will not leave our land. We will not allow the occupying Turkish state to achieve its goals. We will continue to support SDF forces and protect our lands."

The tent action is expected to continue for 3 days.