Revolutionary Youth Movement martyrs killed by Turkey in Kobanê commemorated

Members of the Revolutionary Youth Movement, who were massacred by the Turkish state during an attack on Kobanê two years ago, were commemorated.

Euphrates Region Young Women's Union and Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement members organised a march in the Qena district of Kobanê to commemorate Young Women's Union members Viyan Kobanê, Nûjiyan Öcalan and Rojîn Ehmed Îsa and Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement members Welid Mihemed Menal, Murhef Xelîl Îbrahîm and Mesûd Îbrahîm, who were massacred by the occupying Turkish state two years ago in a drone attack on Kobanê.

During the march, the slogan 'Our promise is revenge' was chanted.

After the march to the highway between Qena and Qasimiyê village, Young Women's Union member Nezîma Mihemed made a speech.

Mihemed stated that the occupying Turkish state attacked because it was afraid of the power of women and youth and said, "As long as there are people like Viyan and Nûjiyan, victory will be ours. Our only way is to struggle. We will follow the martyrs until the last drop of our blood."