Resistance in Ain Issa continues, says Commander Ekaş

"We will respond to the attacks, we will not allow the enemy to enter our land," said Emmar Ekaş, one of the commanders in Ain Issa.

The Turkish state and its mercenaries have been attacking Ain Issa in the last weeks. SDF fighters respond to attacks, preventing invaders from entering the area.

Emmar Ekaş, one of the commander of the Raqqa Military Council in the Martyr Ilan Kobanê Brigade in the village of Cehbel, where the attacks took place, said: "As fighters, together with the peoples of the region, we will not allow the invaders to enter this land. We are here to protect our lands and our people. We do not intend to attack anyone. Our only goal is to protect our land."

Commander Ekaş added: "We will continue to respond to all kinds of attacks aimed at disrupting the security of our region. Our morale is high and we are determined to succeed."