Regime soldier injured in attack in Zirgan

A regime soldier was injured in an artillery attack by Turkish jihadist occupation forces in the northern Syrian town of Zirgan. Til Temir and Afrin have also been bombed again.

A regime soldier was injured in the shelling of the town of Zirgan in northern Syria on Monday evening. The soldier suffered multiple injuries and had to be taken to hospital. Among other things, he was hit by shrapnel to the head and face.

The attack came from Turkish jihadist occupation forces and targeted a Syrian regime army post on the outskirts of the village of Bobî, northwest of Zirgan. Artillery shells also hit the neighbouring village of Dada Abdal. Apart from property damage, no damage was caused.

Earlier in the day, the occupying forces bombed civilian settlement areas in Til Temir and Afrin. In the Khabur valley, the village of al-Dardara was hit by the attacks, and in Afrin, Turkish jihadist artillery repeatedly targeted the village of Bênê in the not fully occupied district of Şêrawa. There was no reliable information about the full extent of the attack, but according to the latest information, there were no casualties.