Qamishlo People's Assembly pays a visit of support to tent protest at Semalka

Members of the Qamishlo People's Assembly, who paid a visit to support the tent protest at the Semalka Border Crossing, condemned the betrayal of the KDP and demanded that the bodies of the martyrs be handed over to their families.

Members of the Qamishlo People's Assembly, who paid a visit to the tent protest, condemned the KDP's betrayal. The Martyrs' Families Assembly organized a tent protest that has been going on since 5 October at the Semalka Border Crossing demanding the KDP to deliver the bodies of the guerrillas fallen in an ambush carried out by the same KDP.

Activists, carrying the photographs of the Xelîfan martyrs, marched towards the Peşxabûr border gate. A call was made to the KDP to deliver the bodies of martyr Tolhildan and martyr Serdem to their families. Menal Mihemed Emin read the statement on behalf of the members of the Qamishlo People's Assembly.

The statement condemned the ambush by the KDP forces and the Roj gangs against the guerrilla forces, and added that the KDP and the Roj Gangs attacked the guerrillas on the orders of the invading Turkish state and threatened the security of the Medya Defense Zones.

The statement also pointed out that not delivering the bodies of Martyr Tolhildan and Martyr Serdem to their families only serves the enemies of the Kurdish people, beginning with the Turkish state. “The Roj guns did not fire even a single bullet against the enemies of the people like ISIS and the Turkish state. But they are targeting the HPG forces that protect the freedom and dignity of the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region.”

The Kurdistan Communist Party is expected to attend the families action in Semalka today.