PYD: Turkey endangers regional and international security

"The Turkish state violates international law in Syria, Libya and Iraq. It wants to impose the occupation of the region and military hegemony," said the PYD in a recent statement.

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) met on 7 July to discuss political and military developments in the region and the party's internal organisation. An important topic was the economic crisis in Syria, and social problems were also on the agenda.

Following the meeting, the PYD issued a statement on the issues discussed. The statement said:

"The policies of states, including those of the Syrian government, are deepening the war in Syria. Even the meetings in Geneva and Astana have not contributed to a solution of the existing problems, but rather have created a state in which the problems have become unsolvable.

Turkey is playing a decisive role in the plundering of the region and endangers regional and international security. The Turkish state is violating international law in Syria, Libya and Iraq. It wants to impose the occupation of the region and military hegemony.

Turkey cuts off the water supply to millions of people in the region and implements a genocide policy. It supports organizations like the ISIS. This is also shown by Turkey's recent decision on Hagia Sophia. All peoples must take a stand against this.

Fraternity and the coexistence of peoples must be promoted against these machinations. The future of the peoples lies in the project of a democratic nation. This project guarantees the cohesion, identity and common struggle of the peoples.

As PYD, we support the current dialogue between the different Kurdish political forces and the creation of a Kurdish unity.

In this context, we declare that in view of the current dangers, the strengthening of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and self-defence is one of the primary responsibilities.

The recent attacks by the Turkish state on women in Afrin and Kobanê represent a continuation of the ISIS mentality. The PYD considers it its main task to promote the organisation of women and to end violence against women."

In the declaration, PYD also comments on the effects of the US sanctions against Syria; “The autonomous administration of North and East Syria must be supported during this period. Likewise, social solidarity must be strengthened, employment opportunities created, agriculture promoted, and organization on a material and non-material level promoted.”