PYD says Damascus government's accusations against Autonomous Administration deepen crisis

The PYD said that the Damascus government's accusations against the Autonomous Administration deepened the crisis.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) issued a written statement calling on the government of Damascus to stop denying the role of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in protecting Syrian unity and defeating ISIS.

The statement said: "Along with the economic and political collapse in Syria, the tragedy experienced in the regions occupied by the Turkish state continues. Due to the invasion attacks by the Turkish state, millions of Syrians had to migrate, and thousands of Syrian young people were killed. Despite all this, the Syrian authorities continue to attack the Autonomous Administration that defends the region and the unity of Syria, accusing all its institutions, as well as military forces, of wanting to break up the region."

The statement added: "These declarations do not reflect the truth and overshadow the efforts made to find a solution for Syria as a whole. The US, Russia and some international states are responsible for what the Syrians are going through. However, those who made these statements are also responsible for the plight of the Syrians.

Without the resistance, struggle and sacrifice of the SDF, Syria would not have been able to protect its territorial integrity. Because ISIS and the Turkish state would have taken control of Syria.

At a time when we need to be united against those occupying our lands and threatening the future of Syrians, the Damascus regime takes refuge in policies of denial and ignores the national role of the SDF and the Democratic Autonomous Administration."

The statement added: "The Damascus government's normalization of relations with one or two states does not mean success and gain. Because the real success is the achievement of a peaceful and democratic resolution to the Syrian problem. We are not in favour of a military solution. However, we cannot accept any policy targeting our will and existence."

The PYD continued: “We, the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria, have been relying on our own strength for years. For this reason, we fought together against the enemy on the same front and won. We will continue along this road. We will build a democratic Syria where the rights of all Syrians are respected.

The only way out of this tragic situation is intra-Syrian dialogue. Other options deepen the crisis and cause Syrian bloodshed."

Regarding the accusations made against the Autonomous Administration, the PYD said that "Damascus has caused regional and global powers to come here as a result of the wrong relations it has established and the pressure it exerts. If Syria is really our common house and we want to live in this house together, then we have to come together and talk about what kind of life we ​​want. Then let's agree first on who is our enemy and who is our friend. The accusations made against the Autonomous Administration through the press do not serve the Syrian solution and the Syrian people. Syrians should refrain from using this hate speech that only serves the enemy and work for the establishment of a democratic Syria so that our regions are freed from the occupation of the Turkish state and that all Syrians can live with dignity."