‘PUK will withdraw from the government if the crisis in Sulaymaniyah continues’

The situation in Sulaymaniyah is grave because most projects were suspended, said the leader of PUK.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) leader Bafel Talabani said on Wednesday at a meeting between political parties from Kurdistan Region and the United Nations Special Envoy to Iraq, Jennin Henin Pleaschaert, that the PUK would withdraw from the government if the crisis in Sulaymaniyah continues.

Bafel Talabani told the official media outlet of the PUK, Kürtsat TV, that they openly stated during yesterday’s meeting that the situation in Sulaymaniyah was grave because most projects had been suspended.

“We addressed the issues of public employees’ salaries, student benefits and the service problems in Sulaymaniyah. If the crisis in Sulaymaniyah continues, we will withdraw from the Regional Government,” Talabani said.

However, no consensus was reached during yesterday’s meeting. Meanwhile, a date cannot be determined for the Kurdistan Region parliamentary elections. During yesterday’s meeting, the participants decided to meet again at the beginning of September to discuss the elections.