Protests in Rojava against attacks on Ain Issa

Demonstrations have taken place in Qamişlo, Tirbespiyê, Til Berak and Raqqa against the occupation attacks by Turkish Islamist occupation forces against Ain Issa.

Protests against the ongoing attacks by Turkey and allied Islamists on the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria continue unabated. On Monday, numerous people again took to the streets in various cities to express their anger in the face of the escalating aggression against Ain Issa as well as their solidarity with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). In many places, the international community was called upon to end its policy of ignoring the main burden bearers of the fight against the ISIS and to take active action against the crimes of NATO ally Turkey.

Qamişlo: We will stay and fight

In Qamişlo, a protest march, in which mainly the workforce of the autonomous administration authorities participated, was staged from the Xerbî neighborhood to the United Nations headquarters in the center of the city. Slogans such as "Terrorist Erdogan," "No to Turkish occupation," and "Together against Turkish fascism" were shouted loudly. Şemsêxan Gulo of the local civil council denounced the systematic war crimes committed by the Turkish army and jihadist militias controlled by Ankara against the population of northern and eastern Syria, highlighting in particular the attacks on women. Gulo described the attacks on Ain Issa as another attempt to drive the people in the self-ruled areas from their ancestral habitats. "We will not leave, we will stay and fight. Because this is our motherland."

Tirbespiyê: International community has failed

In Tirbespiyê, too, it was pointed out that an abatement of Rojava's collective anger against the occupying forces is not in sight. The march started in front of the headquarters of the umbrella organization of the women's movement, Kongreya Star, and continued all the way to the city center. The highlight of the final rally was the speech of Mihemed Farhan, co-chair of the Tirbespiyê District Council. The politician condemned the international silence in the face of Turkey's plans to expand its zone of occupation in northern Syria by invading Ain Issa. "The international community has failed and organizations like the United Nations continue to remain inactive. This represents a new stage of the plot against the components of northern and eastern Syria," Farhan said.

Til Berak: Defend values of the revolution

At a protest in Til Berak, special emphasis was put on the existential importance of defending the values of the Rojava revolution even more strongly in moments like these. "We will not let the achievements won at great sacrifice be taken away from us," said the co-chair of the district council, Abdulselam El-Hasani. "Our solidarity is with the resistance against the occupation."

Raqqa: We stand by the SDF

Two actions took place in Raqqa on Monday against the Turkish-jihadist forces in northern and eastern Syria. A march was staged from the Hevrîn Xelef Park north of the old bridge and to the clock tower. Among those taking part were all members of the local councils as well as the Raqqa Civil Council and many leaders of the Arab tribes. Speeches strongly condemned the attacks on Ain Issa and called on Russia to fulfill its responsibility as the guarantor power of the ceasefire.

In another demonstration, several dozen members of the Social Defense Forces (HPC) gathered in the Raqqa stadium afterwards and commended the SDF's resistance. Turkey's attacks against Ain Issa were described as an attempt to reactivate ISIS and use it as an instrument for Ankara's "dirty machinations." "We fully stand by the SDF and will defend our homeland and society," a statement read out said.