Protest at Semalka Border Gate reaches day 14

The tent action launched at the Semalka Border Gate to protest the betrayal of the KDP and to demand the delivery of the bodies of fallen guerrillas continues on its 14th day.

The people of the Jazira region have been protesting the KDP's policies towards the guerrillas in the tent they opened in front of the Semalka Border Gate since 5 October. The tent action was decided after the statement made by the HPG announcing that the KDP had killed 5 guerrillas in an ambush.

The peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria gave great support to the tent action, which started demanding the delivery of the bodies of Tolhildan Raman and Serdem Cûdî, who were among the fallen guerrillas.

The action has been promoted by the Jazira Martyrs' Families Council and got more and more support in the last two weeks. The Internal Security Forces formed a security circle around the area where the action is taking place.

Mihemed Emin Qasim, who came from Hesekê to support the action, told ANHA: “We will not leave this place until the bodies of our guerrillas killed by the KDP are delivered. The KDP is betraying the Kurdish people.”

A citizen named Alan Hesekê, who took part in the march in support of the action, underlined that they do not accept the betrayal of the KDP, and said that the Kurdish people should continue to protest the KDP in a stronger way.

On 11 October, 26 Peace Mothers tried to cross to the other side of the border but were prevented from doing so by KDP forces.