PJAK commander martyred in Turkish drone attack in Qamishlo

The Cizire Region Interior Committee announced that a commander of PJAK, Yusif Mehmud Rebanî, was martyred in a Turkish drone attack in Qamishlo and called on the people to act in the spirit of the revolutionary people's struggle.

The Cizire Region Democratic Autonomous Administration Interior Committee held a press conference in its headquarters in Qamishlo on Wednesday concerning the latest attacks of the invading Turkish state on North and East Syria regions.

The statement in Kurdish and Arabic was read out by Kenan Berekat and Hemrîn Elî, Co-Chairs of the Cizire Region Interior Committee.


“The aim of the ongoing systematic attacks of the Turkish regime against the North and East Syria Autonomous Administration regions is to destroy the security and peace in the region, to shatter the internal peace by creating fear and anxiety among the people and to force them to migrate,” said the statement, which further included the following:

“With its hostile attacks, the fascist Turkish regime aims to eliminate the gains that were achieved with the blood of martyrs. The Turkish state supports sinister forces such as al-Nusra and ISIS in order to break the will of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The guarantor powers in northern and eastern Syria are aware of this, but they are not positioning themselves against the crimes of the Turkish state, which are blocking the fight against terror and Islamist cells. The terrorist cells are supported by the greatly increased violations of the law by the Turkish state.

Yesterday, four people were killed and others injured in an attack on the road to Hîzam in northern Qamishlo. Earlier, four people had been killed in a drone attack in the residential neighbourhood of Sîna in Qamishlo.

Among the injured who were hospitalised was Yusif Mehmud Rebanî, a member of the command of the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK). Despite all efforts, he could not be saved and fell. Rebanî had come to north-eastern Syria to see the achievements of the 19 July 2012 revolution on the ground and to meet with the people. He worked to unite the people from all four parts of Kurdistan. His death is a national loss for our struggling people. We extend our condolences to his family, to the people of Kurdistan and especially to the people of Rojhilat.


As the Interior Committee of the Cizire region, we condemn the Turkish attacks, which contradict all human principles. We call on the struggling population to act in the spirit of the revolutionary people's struggle, to stand behind the military forces and the autonomous administration and to be vigilant in the face of the special war methods with which the enemy wants to break their will.

Russia and the Global Coalition to fight terror are responsible for this war as guarantor powers of the ceasefire concluded in 2019. The Turkish state is an occupying power and is committing crimes against the people in our region for its own interests. For this reason, we call on the United Nations, the UN Security Council and all other institutions and human rights organisations involved to live up to their responsibility towards our region, where the fight against ISIS is being waged for all humanity, and to close airspace to Turkey."