People of northeastern Syria express solidarity with guerrilla against Turkish invasion

Demonstrations in numerous cities in northeastern Syria have expressed solidarity with the resistance of guerrillas against the Turkish invasion of southern Kurdistan.

In the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria, thousands of people took to the streets in numerous towns to express their solidarity with the guerrillas and protest against the Turkish attacks on the Medya Defense Zones. The demonstrators carried banners reading "Öcalan's freedom is our freedom too, guerrilla resistance is our honor."

PYD politician Mihemed Ebdulrehman said at a demonstration in Dêrik that the Turkish invasion of southern Kurdistan was tantamount to a continuation of the "plot of May 6, 1996": "At that time, the Turkish state wanted to assassinate Abdullah Öcalan. The machinations against Öcalan and the Kurdish people continue. This is shown by the attacks on northeastern Syria and the other parts of Kurdistan."

At a demonstration in Qamishlo, Menîce Heyder pointed out in a speech on behalf of the women's association Kongreya Star that the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan is intended to destroy the philosophy of the Kurdish leader. The co-chair of TEV-DEM, Xerîb Hiso, said, "The rulers before Erdogan were not able to save their empires; Erdogan will not be able to preserve his Turkish state either. His policies are no different from the Ottoman Empire."

Demonstrations also took place in Amûdê, Tirbêspiyê, Til Hemis, Çilaxa, Til Birak, Hesekê, Til Temir, Shaddadi, Dirbêsiyê and Aleppo.