People of Manbij protest Turkish attacks on North-East Syria

People in North-East Syria continue their protests against the Turkish regime’s increasingly ongoing attacks against the region.

The Union of Young Women in Manbij and the councils of villages in the town of Ebû Qelqel organized a demonstration in Manbij to denounce the Turkish state’s genocidal campaign and war of aggression against North-East Syria.

Speaking during the demonstration on Monday, Emîne Berkel, a member of the Union of Young Women, condemned the Turkish state’s crimes against humanity and highlighted the importance of struggle against the policies of genocide directed against the population of North-East Syria.

Berkel called for enhanced struggle on the basis of the guerrilla resistance in the mountains of Kurdistan.

Speaking after, Hacer El Elî, co-chair of Ebû Qelqel Council, said: “Let history witness; we own these lands and we are not afraid of the attacks of the invading Turkish state.”

Hacer El Elî also denounced the aggravated isolation regime imposed by the Turkish state on Kurdish people and its attacks against those who demand freedom.

The demonstration concluded with slogans saluting the resistance of North-East Syrian people.