People in Kobanê: We will defend our lands together!

The people of Kobanê reacted to the invading Turkish state's threats of attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria and said that the Turkish state wants to occupy new places after Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi, but they won't allow that.

Reactions to the invasion threats of the invading Turkish state against Northern and Eastern Syria continue to increase. The people of Kobanê condemned the Turkish threats of attack and said that the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria would resist united.

Poet and Writer Mihemed Ebdo told ANHA that the Turkish state received support from the US and Russia in its attacks on the Kurdish people, and added: “The Kurdish people do not demand anything but peace. We have not attacked anyone and we do not intend to attack anyone. The Turkish state, which occupied Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, wants to occupy more of our land. We will not allow this. There is no difference between Til Rifet and Kobanê. All is Syrian land, our land. We do not want Syria to be divided and occupied. Erdoğan's goal is to divide us. But we will resist this to the end. All the peoples living in this land are brothers. There is no difference between Kurds and Arabs. Here we live together on the basis of the brotherhood of peoples. Together we will protect our land. We will not allow the invaders to set foot on these lands."

Bozan Muxtar, Member of the Euphrates Opinion Leaders Council, emphasized that Erdoğan is going through a critical political period at home and that he is trying to save himself by launching new wars against the Syrian peoples. He said that everyone should stand by the local defence forces against possible attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria and added: “We must provide all kinds of support to our military defense forces for the protection of our lands. Our forces protect us when ISIS pillages our cities and will always protect us."