One civilian injured in Turkish attacks on villages in Afrin-Sherawa

The Turkish army and allied mercenary groups attacked several villages in Afrin-Sherawa using drones on Sunday. One person was injured. The attacks also targeted posts of Syrian regime troops.

At least one person was injured in several Turkish drone strikes in the southeast of Afrin on Sunday. The elderly wounded man lives in the village of Bênê, which has been attacked at least three times on Sunday by drones belonging to the Turkish army and its mercenary allies.

One attack hit the home of the injured man, while two others targeted bases and posts of Syrian government troops. There is said to have been material damage of unknown extent.

The village of Bênê, located in Sherawa, borders the city of Tel Rifat and is just a few minutes' walk from the Shehba camp, where hundreds of families from Afrin live.

In the town of Eqîbê, around four kilometers southwest of Bênê, Turkish state kamikaze drones also targeted the Syrian regime's troops on Sunday. Here too, the drones are said to have caused material damage.