Occupation forces bomb villages in Shehba

Turkey's genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria in violation of international law has continued since October 9.

The occupant Turkish army and allied mercenaries continue their attacks against northern Syria unabated.

The occupation forces launched a wave of aggression on the villages of Hirbil and Um al-Hosh in the Shehba region Thursday afternoon.

Earlier today, Turkish forces and mercenaries attacked the villages of Semuqa, Helisa, Til Madiq, Wardiye, Nayef and Hisiye and the Shehba Dam in Shehba region.

On Tuesday night, the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries murdered three members of the same family, adding a new massacre to the many they have carried out in North and East Syria. Hesen Izet Mihemed (55), Fatime Elî (46) and their child Sîroced Hesen Mihemed (12) were murdered in the village of Aqibe in Sherawa, Afrin. At the same time, Mufîda Remzî Hesen (48), Ismet Hemo (40) and Cemîl Hemû (8), were seriously wounded and taken to Avrin Hospital in the city of Fafin, in the canton of Shehba.