Northern and Eastern Syrians visit martyrs’ cemeteries in Eid

Citizens in Northern and Eastern Syrian provinces visited the martyrs’ cemeteries in Eid.

Families forced out of occupied Afrin left flowers at the graves in martyrs’ cemeteries in Shehba’s Ehrez district and Sherawa.

A statement was read at the martyrs’ cemeteries in the name of the Martyrs’ Families Assembly for Eid.

The statement protested Turkish state attacks against martyrs’ cemeteries and stressed that the attacks are inhumane, condemning the silence of international human rights institutions.

In cities in the Cizire region, the Eid came with a flurry of visits.

Martyr Delil Saruxan Cemetery in Qamishlo, Martyr Dijwar Cemetery in Heseke, Xebat Derik Cemetery in Derik, the district cemetery in Serekaniye, Martyr Rustem Cudi Cemetery in Dirbesiye, Martyr Dilser Cemetery in Tirbespiye, the Til Hemis Cemetery and Martyr Ismail Cemetery in Amude received visitors.

The citizens visiting the cemeteries were received by YPG and YPJ fighters, Domestic Security Forces and HPC members. They left flowers at the graves and gave candy to children.

Martyrs’ families, fighters and Autonomous Administration representatives in Kobane, in the Euphrates Region, visited the Martyr Dicle Cemetery, June 25 Martyrs’ Cemetery and the Berxbotan Cemetery.

Gire Spi Canton residents left roses at the graves in the Martyr Ehmed Teme Cemetery.

In the cemetery visit in Manbij, Military Council Commander Ebu Eli Necm gave a speech and, pointing to the gains made through the people’s struggle, said they will follow the path of the martyrs.

People also visited the cemeteries in liberated Tabqa, Raqqa and Deir Ez Zor as part of Eid celebrations.

The Tabqa Martyrs’ Cemetery, the cemetery in the Hikumiye village in Raqqa and the Martyr Xidir El Hemade were also visited and the people left flowers at the graves.

The people in Aleppo’s Shexmeqsud neighborhood visited the martyrs’ cemeteries for the Eid. Martyrs’ Families Assembly Member Fidan Husen gave a speech at the cemetery and celebrated Eid for all Muslims and martyrs’ families. Fidan Husen pointed to the Turkish state’s inhumane practices in Afrin and wished for the city’s liberation.